As long as you got your hotbutton issue
screw everyone else
You got your job, healthcare, cars, boat. Weekend partying & sunny beach getaways. Portfolio's looking good. You worked hard for it, and no good-for-nothin' moocher is gonna cut into it with their self-inflicted joblessness, homelessness, starvation & sickness. Since a few own most of the money, the working class is clinging on to their little piece of what's left for dear life. And the hell with all those poor unfortunates who lost everything in The Recession. And screw the poor, the sick, the old, the unfortunate. Trump's our man.

You're singing the FoxNews-self-justifying anthem: "If we have to strip social security to pay for infrastructure, do it - my retirement's set. Need to gut medicare? Do it - I'm covered. Kill Obamacare so we can keep our premiums down. Make the bums go out and get a job like I did. Screw all those bottomfeeder losers and freeloaders who cheat the system with welfare, foodstamps and free healthcare. Screw 'em. Put 'em back where they belong. Down in the gutter.  Or better yet... in the ground."

Except that this is America fer chrissake, richest nation in the world. Every citizen should want for nothing. All should be participating in the economy and society. You took that away election day. Go into church on Sunday and feel good about that, Bud.  Because we're coming to get you, before you do that to us.