Victoria Parks is a versatile award-winning performing songwriter, specializing in Anlgo-Celtic neo-traditional, contemporary ballads & humorous songs.
Yikes McGee’s provocative and tragically amusing political folksongs, inspired by the Bush ‘presidency’, take aim at the rightwing… liars and scoundrels in particular.
Gary Polvinale is a performing songwriter, recording engineer & music producer living in Ohio & operating Madog Music. His band Madog Pavanelli & the Virtual Country Boys renders original songs in the folk, bluegrass, rock, country, contemporary & big band genres.
Ohio in the Dark
   This music tells an important story               Copy the music on this CD and distribute freely          
         O H I O   I N   T H E   D A R K :   A R T I S T S


Compiled and distributed by Madog Music. While all artists on this CD have agreed to allow their songs to be copied freely, all songs remain the copyrighted intellectual property of the individual artists.


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