Ohio in the Dark

On this EP honest music and poetry disperse the smokescreen covering the valiant efforts of patriotic citizens in recounts, demonstrations, hearings, legal actions and rallies held to expose the fraudulent election manipulation and voter disenfranchisement that made possible the hijacking of our federal government.

All songs on this EP can be downloaded for free at www.madogmusic.com and many other websites.  The contributing artists encourage you to copy and distribute the music on this EP far and wide.  Spread the word to musicians and poets with a story to tell, to add their voice to "Ohio in the Dark".  

Artists involved have made all music on this EP available free to copy and distribute (for commercial use, contact the specific artist). Comments about this project are welcome. Ideas concerning  costs, distribution, production, legalities, setting up EP purchases, etc: advice from those who have already been through this process would be appreciated. 

   This music tells an important story               Copy the music on this EP and distribute freely          
          W H A T   I S  O H I O   I N   T H E   D A R K ?

Since logic & reason have failed us, we'll reach into America's conscience through its right brain. "Ohio in the Dark" brings into the light the fight for democracy via elections in Ohio and other important swing states. 


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