Social Security & Healthcare
are tax breaks for people who already have everything worth stripping
away people's already inadequate social security & healthcare?
obama will protect entitlements and healthcare
- firmly against cutbacks to social security
- made health insurance available to every American
- will make the rich pay their share of the cost of our society
- will make reasonable reductions to medicare & medicaid
- cut payments to insurance co's, hospitals and doctors
- covering pre-existing conditions and children in their 20's
republicans want to destroy social programs
- will privatize social security & medicare - & hand you a voucher
- more tax breaks for the rich - at the expense of the poor
- forcing elderly & sick to bear burden of paying for the country
- will repeal obama's healcare plan - then you're on your own
- will slash social security benefits & raise retirement age to 67
- will squeeze the poor to death to pay off the national debt