Scope of Corporate War
The War on Women

Why do I think Republican christians are waging a war on women? Simple. They're legislating it against the law to have an abortion, and making it illegal to provide the birth control coverage that would make it unnecessary for women to have abortions and are working to repress women in a catch 22. And now Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin repealed the equal pay act that guaranteed women equal pay.

These people are insane. The wealthy, corporate fascists on the religious right are quickly moving to put women in their place - back in the 13th century, barefoot and pregnant literally - so that men can take their rightful place in the home and in society. How could a Republican woman support such an idea? Answer: the things that will destroy 99% women go away when hubby is a millionaire CEO.

Watch this video of Lauren Zuniga, a victim of The War On Women, reciting the poem she wrote about it that will leave you crying.

The War on Science

Oklahoma & Tennessee, proving beyond any doubt the suspicions of inbreeding going on there, have passed legislation to take evolution out of textbooks and will be able to teach only creationism. Jesus Christ!

Even though 97% of all scientists agree that the earth is heating up and it is due to man's activities, the Big Four on the right (Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck) insist that scientists overwhelmingly agree that global warming is a planned hoax by liberals. America's 2nd Civil War The media needs to have the backbone to exercise common sense and not try to be "fair and balanced" when something is simply not true.

War on the Middle Class

Expert after expert is coming out and saying that the utopian American Middle Class is being murdered by upperclass (the 1%) greed. The poor are being made poorer and the middle class is being made into a class of indentured servants. And no one is stopping it. Not our President, not the Congress, not ... but wait, there's nobody else out there to stop it. Except for us - the middle class. And Occupy Wallstreet.

We need to whatever we are able to support the Occupy Wallstreet movement to the fullest. They are literally putting their bodies on the street for all of us.

The war on the 99% has been going on now for over a century and no one knew it. People believe what their media and their leaders told them. But no more. It's happening to too many people now to ignore it -- unless of course you are a Republican.  America's 2nd Civil War

The War on Seniors

Republicans want to pay for wars and deficit reduction by bleeding the elderly poor and eliminating Social Security.

The Social Security fund is a covenant between working people and their government. We have paid into the fund and now Republicans want to reneg after we paid our part.

They've been stealing money from social secury for years. Now they claim it's losing money. Social Security is probably the only federal program that is not losing money. It not only paid for itself for 50 years from now, but it has funded who knows how many things when they took money from it that they never repaid.

Social Security... we earned it, we paid for it, we need it to survive. We will not let them take it away.

America's 2nd Civil War

The War on Peace

We the United States are enforcing corporate domination under the guise of being the police force of the world. And the middle class is paying the price. A trillion dollars a year for the wars. Much more if you count the countries we station troops in unnecessarily. And then there's foreign aid. How about a little domestic aid?

Our leaders tell us they want to help the people of (pick one). It's time they took our money and helped us, the people of America.

OK. That's the economic argument. And over and above everything else, we need to stop killing innocent people all over the world, not only because it is too costly, but because it is fundamentally very wrong.

Oh, yeah. Our troops. Get them back home out of harm's way.

America's 2nd Civil War

The War on Healthcare

We all need healthcare. But it boils down to this: those who have it don't want to pay for others to have it too, and are willing to let them die rather than share healthcare equally, as we do with police & fire protection or clean water.

Did you know that if someone in a nursing home or rehab facility runs out of insurance money and there is no one who can take care of them, the facility will drop them off at a homeless shelter and walk away without a second thought.

Is this how people are supposed to be treated in America? If no one at the homeless shelter can take care of them, they die. What part of our healthcare debate addresses this? And the Republicans want to take even more away from people in this situation.

Inalienable Rights

Over half a century since the United States government set in writing that all Americans are to be treated equally. And people of color, gays, women, progressives all are the targets of the christian rightwing corporate republican hate machine. This article in the Huffington Post tells it like it is: Right-Wing Bullies Continue to Attack Children

Media Turning a Blind Eye

How could all this stuff happen in America, you ask. You can remember when it wasn't this crazy outrageous. It busted loose when newspapers and nightly news programs became media conglomerates owned by mega corporations. At that point, "journalistic integrity and responsibility" went out the window. And that's when your news became a steady stream of press releases, propaganda and commercials.

We need to insist that the media become independent again and go back to its job of watchdog for the American public. They are our eyes and ears. And if they turn their heads away from the truth, we are all clueless.

Except for the internet and gonzo citizen journalists. They're out there, doing what the old media used to. But they're on their own and you're never sure of your sources when you read something. A good place to start...  Truthout Org or Daily KOS

Stealing the Elections

Intimidating voters, depriving machines to make em' wait, hacking data, manipulating eligible voters lists, requiring photo ID, disqualifying hanging chads. It takes only a few votes to tie an election. Then their stacked Supreme Courts step in to clinch it. We know how it's being done. Why aren't the Democrats making some noise?

Since plenty of articles and still pictures can be found on other election sights, this site will focus on video I personally shot of events in Columbus Ohio surrounding the historic Tubbs-Jones/Boxer challenge to Ohio's electoral votes in the 2004 election.

Since the media has chosen to remain silent on this issue, it is important that video be available of what really happened here in Ohio at the hearings, demonstrations, recount efforts and lawsuits.